What is “grounding” or “earthing”?

  • Grounding is the practice of making direct contact with the earth’s surface, typically by walking barefoot outside.
  • For thousands of years, our ancestors spent their lives grounded. It's only in the last ~100 years or so that humans have primarily worn rubber-soled shoes, cutting off our electrical connection to the earth. It's no coincidence that inflammation-driven issues, including insomnia, anxiety, cancer, and chronic pain, have spiked during this period.
  • From a scientific perspective, we now know that connection to the Earth’s surface provides a negative electrical charge, which helps rid the body of excess electricity and lower inflammation. This connection has been shown in high-quality studies to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect and provides benefit to countless aspects of human health.
  • In 2005, an engineer named Clint Ober discovered that we could obtain the benefits of grounding in our homes by utilizing the ground portion of our home’s electrical system. From an electromagnetic perspective, when we use grounding products (such as our pillowcase or sheets), it is as if we are standing barefoot outside. Therefore, we're able to obtain the benefits of grounding as we sleep from the comfort of our bed.

What are the health benefits?

  • Principally, grounding works by lowering our inflammation levels. Dozens of peer-reviewed studies have shown significant decreases in inflammation levels even after just one hour of grounding.
  • Lowering inflammation levels has cascading benefits throughout the body & mind, touching virtually all aspects of human health.
  • The primary areas we've seen the most significant health benefits have been in sleep improvement, lessening anxiety & improving mood, reducing arthritis & chronic pain, enhancing muscle recovery & immune function, improving recovery post-injury or operation, and improved daily energy.
  • You can find an in-depth grounding study here from the National Library of Medicine if interested!

How does my grounding purchase benefit others?

For every grounding product you buy from NorthStar, we donate one directly to a cancer patient via our 501(c)(3) non-profit, GoingWell, which provides integrative healing support & resources to cancer patients. Thanks for helping to make a difference! If you’d like to learn more about GoingWell, or if you know or are yourself a cancer patient who could use support, please visit GoingWell.org

How do I use my pillowcase or sheets?

  • Simply connect the circle end of the cord you'll find in your delivery to the pillowcase, and pronged end of the cord to any standard outlet. The rounded hole in a standard outlet is used to connect your electricity to the earth to ground it, and that's exactly how it's used here!
  • That’s it! Some users report noticing a difference in sleep immediately, but you're nearly certain to start feeling the health benefits within 7-10 days of sleeping grounded.

Are there any risks?

  • Simply put, no, there are no risks to keep in mind, it is no less risky than standing on the ground of the earth!
  • This is a side effect-free healing strategy and wellness practice with enormous health potential without associated risks.

How do I know it’s working?

  • If both ends of your cord are plugged in, one to the pillowcase and one to the outlet, you are all set up and your product is working!
  • While not necessary at all to use the product, if you’d really like to see the science yourself, you can order a digital multimeter (~$10) from Amazon. This will allow you to test your body’s voltage when you are grounded vs. when you are not. Doing this allows you to observe for yourself as your body voltage changes from 600-1,000 millivolts down to <10 millivolts, just as it does when you stand barefoot on the earth's surface! Demonstrations are also readily available on YouTube if interested, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions via team@northstargrounding.com